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Afghanistan's election train on the rails of dictatorship

The date for the next election went through many ups and downs before it was finally announced. The date was emphasized to be set as soon as possible so that the people could elect their representatives.

 But what is the people's role in electing their representatives? Will their elected representatives honestly represent them? Do we have a democratic system at all?

 In a democratic society, parliament is the main pillar, but in our society, it is unfortunately a symbol of mafia and has turned from a law-making body into a law-breaking center, something that the government with the help of the people should prevent further violations of the law. The immunity of parliamentarians should be based on law and the government should legally enforce it.

 Under present conditions and in the two previous periods, parliamentarians, instead of legislating, were more lobbying in the field of economics and extra-judicial work, filling their pockets, and were able to enjoy the most illegitimate privileges by misusing judicial immunity. The government in the next period has the opportunity to turn the parliament into an arm of people's authority by preventing warlords and disobedient people from taking a seat in the parliament.

 The position of people in the current system still remains unclear and people's expectations concerning services are being ignored. To this end, the government can have a good performance by raising the people's awareness about their rights in a bid to make the government democratic and protect its values.

 The current government in Afghanistan is said to be representing the will of the people and the many challenges it is facing now have been inherited from the previous government.  However, we can hope the government can ensure the transparency of the upcoming election with proper management, given the capabilities of the head of state and his team.

 The current parliament has not succeeded in representing the will of the people, and its performance has mainly been fixated on personal interests. It has doubled the problems of the state and the racketeer and violator representatives did not allow the government to effectively fight corruption.

 The current parliament has doubled the problems of the state and the people’s representatives did not allow the government to effectively work toward combating corruption. People's mental backgrounds and concerns can be guided to the right direction before the forthcoming election. Their concerns regarding their future can be addressed through a transparent and fair election and the people in this regard has the duty to raise awareness. Currently, the government is struggling to manage the various crises it is facing, but if it can inform the people well, it will attract the public opinion and trust. This way, the people will trust in the government and will confidently go to voting centers for a bright future.

 By building an atmosphere of confidence between itself and the public, the government will be able to resolve many of its problems and will execute its constructive plans by managing the public opinion. In a democratic society, the three branches of government are to control each other, but in our society, they are engaged in bullying. The people are well aware that the current parliamentarians are not their real representatives and that their bargaining is only for their own interests.

 The fight against corruption should start from the House of Representatives, and the government in the current situation can sincerely share its problems with the people. For the fight against corruption, the government is required to start from the legislative body, the representer of the national will.

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